OC First is an exclusive database of buyers who are ready to purchase. It increases your chances of getting your property sold in minimal time by communicating the unique features of your property to a targeted group of purchasers.






Take advantage of selling off market by using a qualified buyer database, save your time and money and reduce the need for multiple high traffic public inspections. Ensuring your health and safety during these unprecedented times remains OC's top priority. This platform has been successful for 56 of our clients in the past year.

    • Privacy

      We understand that choosing to sell your home is a private, individual decision.

    • Adaptability

      It's your choice & at your discretion when & if details about your home are shared.

    • Unique

      Access to our exclusive off market buyer database, as well as our highly regarded social media platforms & digital tools.

    • Knowledge

      Assess the market without the commitment of signboards & public listings, helping you to gather knowledge & perceptions around the market before a full launch.

Reasons to sell your home through OC First

    • 1500+ hot buyer database
    • 50,000+ potential buyer database
    • Safe & secure sale
    • Saves you time
    • Reduces high traffic open inspections
    • Inspections by private viewing only


    Interested in utilising our off market platform?

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Work with an Ouwens Casserly agent to sell your home privately

"We decided to sell through OC First - the off market platform and before we knew it, after 2 open inspections we were presented with an offer we were very happy with! The agent was able to tap into the vast OC database to find the buyer."




Where the program is available, pre-marketing and listing strategies are independently determined by the client. OCRE does not recommend one particular strategy or guarantee results.