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OC First Advantage for Buyers.

Searching for your new home can be frustrating. You know what you want, but often the market may not be providing a perfect match to your needs.

Nothing is more frustrating than seeing that dream property, but suddenly

finding yourself in the middle of high traffic open inspections.

By registering for OC First, you get first access to properties in advance of them hitting the general market.

With OC First you get exclusive access to what might be your dream property.


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Get Exclusive Access To Silent Listings

Not all properties come to the market. Silent real estate listing are listings that are held back from marketing to the general market.

They are private and discreet sales.

Only by registering for OC First, will you get access to this growing list of secret listings.

Get the jump on the opposition.

By registering for OC First, you get the jump on other buyers. You can see your future home, and begin the negotiations early, all before the primary marketing campaign begins.

Get early notifications that fit your criteria.
You tell us what you are looking for and we deliver you a personalised selection of fresh property.

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Vendors, Sell Your Property Faster

Once you make the decision to list your property, you want it sold. The excitement of the sales process diminishes as each open inspection passes.

OC First increases your chances of getting your property sold in minimal time as we communicate the unique features of your property to our buyers matched database.

Imagine showing qualified buyers through your home with the distraction of nosey neighbors in private, discreet way.

Save marketing costs by using our substantial resources to get your property sold using our digital weapons.

By using OC First, you get your property sold faster. We will work with you to MAKE IT HAPPEN.


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